When people buy an AC Cobra kit, this is the type of final result they have in mind. An original Cobra is not only way beyond the reach of the average classic car enthusiast, too few come up for sale at ANY price. So true aficionados of this iconic car have to rely on the quality of replica kits.

Fortunately, there are few better examples than this Factory Five machine, finished with a no expense spared attitude that takes what is effectively a collection of spare parts and a chunk of glass fiber and transforms it into a car you would be proud to cruise along the highway in.

Because this is why you build a kit car. Not to hide away in a museum or behind a garage door, but to hit the road with the wind in your hair as you eat up the miles on your own private road trip.

The AC Cobra was one of the early pioneers, helping to turn drivers from mere functional machine operators into true auto enthusiasts with a passion for their particular vehicle. And as you listen to the throaty burble from the engine in the video you can’t help but want one for yourself!

Why Cobra Kit Cars?

For a vehicle that was designed during the middle of the last century, the Cobra has not only become a style icon, it has made it to the top of the kit car pile, with an ever growing number of manufacturers adding a fake snake to their livery of machines on offer. This is no accident. The enduring popularity of the flowing lines and wide, squat body is just as popular with younger drivers as it ever was way back in the twentieth century.

This is in part because of the history and pedigree of the original Shelby sports cars, coupled with the ready availability of very accurate kits manufactured to the highest standards. It’s possible to recreate a very passable replica of the original for what many would consider hobby money.

I mention the word hobby because for a significant number of kit builders, it is a project started as much for the pleasure of putting the vehicle together as it is driving the completed car.

The next time you go to a car show, just check out the quality of finish achieved by what you would call hobby mechanics. These guys (and often gals too) are usually not regular professional mechanics, yet the attention to detail and finish is as high as you would find anywhere. There aren’t many other hobbies that can give you so much fun, with a top quality car to drive at the end of it all!