Just when you thought you had seen every Cobra replica out there, the German owners of the iconic AC brand create a car that will get every drivers heart racing. Because it’s a REAL Cobra!

As you can imagine, the specification is truly stunning, with an epoxy aluminum body riding on a sturdy tubular steel frame. The four aluminum wheels keep everything hugging the road as you scream from 0-100kph in a smidgin over 3 seconds!

For the serious cobra fan, the range features a choice of engines, from a 6162 cm3 V8 giving 437 PS and a 0-100kph of 3.7 seconds right up to an eye watering 780 PS mill that can take you from a standing start to 100kmh in 2.8 seconds!

Of course stopping quickly is just as important, if not even more so, than acceleration and the beefy Brembo brakes are certainly up to the task in hand.

True to form, the manufacturers have lavished the same care and quality on the interior of the car too. As you watch the movie, you cannot fail to notice the sumptious leather seats and upholstery as well as the craftsmanship of the dashboard and instrument panel.

The AC mk VI is first and foremost a drivers car. Get behind the wheel and you will feel the raw power, matched only by its perfectly engineered frame and suspension, developed to keep everything under your control.

But in making such an iconic vehicle, AC have gone to great lengths to ensure the passenger is happy too. Climb into an AC mk VI and you won’t want the journey to end.