Autotune Aristocat kit cars have been produced at the family run factory for thirty years now, an impressive feat by any standard, even more so in the sometimes fickle kit car industry.

Of course this has to be due in part to the quality of the original design and kit, being modeled on the legendary Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 racing cars of the late 1940s and 1950s. It is also a reflection on the passion for motoring that still runs deep through the Taylor family, founders and owners of the Autotune company way back in the 1969.

Husband and wife team Anthony and Carolyn Taylor have been closely involved in the high performance racing scene for more decades than they probably wish to admit, yet chatting to them will reveal they have lost none of their enthusiasm for their craft. With their son Richard joining the team the future looks bright.

Autotune Aristocat Kit

So what about the car? Well, a walk around the Aristocat will show just how seriously Autotune take the kit as the finish is superb. The flowing lines of the front wings seem to go on forever while the interior cabin is wide and spacious, a property much appreciated by taller Aristocat owners.

The kit takes around 80% of its parts from a single donor Jaguar with the XJ6, XJ12 and XJS being popular parts suppliers. The original Jaguar suspension is used unmodified in the spaceframe chassis which helps to keep the power under control. This makes the aristocat a few inches wider than the original Jaguar XK120, so Autotune developed the Aristocat Coupe using a modified suspension setup that reduces width to about an inch wider than the XK150 it is styled on.

Under the hood the power plant takes full advantage of the modern components and light weight, driving the car from 0-60 in around six seconds and when driven by a “member of the media” topping out at about 150mph. This makes the vehicle a popular car on the race track circuits around the UK and Europe.

The kit is available in a variety of stages, from a simple rolling chassis right up to a fully kitted out turnkey car.

Overall, the Autotune Aristocat is a quintessentially British racing car with looks, style and performance to satisfy even the most discerning classic racing fan.