Beauford cars have enjoyed success with two distinct groups or people: the classic kit car builder who wants a vehicle to build that will hold its value yet doesn’t look like a cobra or Seven and the wedding car industry who needs a vehicle they can tailor to their precise requirements.

Beauford cars have been much sought after by kit car builders and wedding car businesses for what seems like forever, with round 2000 cars on the road. They can be rightly proud of this uniquely stylish 30s design that shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

While you may put their success down to the looks and quality of the vehicle, I believe they have managed to thrive when so many kit car manufacturers failed because of the people who make up Beauford Cars Ltd.

They have been stalwarts of the kit car show scene for decades and are as friendly and approachable as they are knowledgeable about building cars.

Kit Car Builders

For the kit car builder the whole project oozes class, from the instantly recognisable front grille to the spacious luggage box on the back that is big enough to hold everything you could ever need for a picnic by the sea.

The Beauford tourer is a supremely stylish car that is equally at home gliding along leafy country lanes on a Sunday run, or taking the whole family to the beach for a summer picnic.

The Beauford is a great vehicle to build, especially if you have the time and patience to complete a job to the standard the car demands. Just like driving the car, assembling it is a task that should not be hurried. Take your time, do it well and you will be rewarded with a vehicle that you can be proud of, turning heads as you drive sedately along the road.

However, not everyone is a born mechanic and some assistance may be required. It is times like this when you appreciate the true value of being part of the Beauford family. Help is only a phone call away and the owners club is as helpful as it is knowledgeable, having come up against and overcome pretty much any problem you can imagine as well as a few you hadn’t.

Wedding Cars

The largest market for Beaufords is without doubt the growing wedding car industry. The distinctive thirties look gives the Beauford a style and panache which is in great demand on a girls big day. On a more practical level the Beauford also boasts enough room in the passenger compartment to hold a basketball game. With plenty of space for even the most ostentatious wedding dress, the tourer is an obvious choice for a wedding hire companies fleet of vehicles.

It’s easy to see why the Beauford wedding car is a popular choice for couples of all ages to get the bride to the church on time. This is partly due to its period 1930s charm and partly down to its massive passenger space.

Under the hood there is enough space to fit almost any engine you require, and the factory will fit the right mounting points for your specified power-plant on request.

The finish of the vehicle is nothing short of stunning. I’ve seen plenty of examples in my time, but I never cease to be amazed at just how classy they look. A credit no doubt to the many hours of labour that goes into a high specification wedding car, but also to the factory for creating a product of such high quality as a base to build on.

Beaufords For Sale

As you can imagine with vehicles of this quality, when you find them for sale they usually maintain their price. This is especially true of the models kitted out as wedding cars thanks to their instant business potential.

So when you find a clean, well maintained model at the right price, my advice is to snap it up while you can!

But what do you look for in a Beauford? Well, as it is a kit car by design, pretty much everything is designed to be readily available and assembled by the amateur enthusiast.

So mechanically, there is very little that cannot be put right quickly and cheaply. I recommend that you focus on the quality of the finish, especially the bodywork and trim as these are the most costly to put right.

Beauford Car Factory

The Beauford car factory is located near Stoke-on-Trent, in the heart of the UK. This makes it convenient for buyers to visit on Open Days, where they will see just how much effort goes into creating this iconic marque.

Ultimately, whatever your reasons for owning one, you’ll be happy you made the right choice when you drive a Beauford.