Just like the Pontiac Fiero over in the USA, the humble Toyota MR2 has body panels that can be unbolted to leave a solid floor pan and rolling chassis on which to bolt pretty much any style you can imagine.

This makes the MR2 a very popular project for the kit car builder who doesn’t want to get involved in the sometimes major task of assembling a complete vehicle from the ground up. By basing the body kit on the MR2 it is a pretty straightforward job to replace the outer shell as no welding or cutting is required.

In fact, as most of the car is left structurally intact, in the UK there is no need to pass the IVA test which ensures a kit car is roadworthy, you simply need to inform the DVLA of a colour change!

As you watch the movie it is apparent that as most of the donor vehicle is used as is, it pays to find the very best you can afford. Yes, the body panels are discarded so any rusty bits or very minor dents are nothing to worry about, but you need to pay particular attention to any possible accident damage as this will render the donor useless.

It is also worth spending a little bit more to find an MR2 with a clean, tidy interior as it too will be used in the finished vehicle.

Once you have stripped the original body panels from the car you move on to stage II which is fitting the new F430 shaped body panels to the vehicle. As you can see, the biggest task is to make sure everything is lined up perfectly and the manufacturers have made this as simple as they can.

After final preparation of the panel surface it is time for a primer to be applied before the paint finish is applied. The end result is a smart looking Ferrari F430 replica for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.