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Choosing The Right Alloy Wheels For Your Kit Car

Choosing the right alloy wheels for your kit car can improve handling which leads to better overall performance as well as making your vehicle look great. There’s a lot more to selecting the right rims than simply picking a style you like, so buckle up and find out what you need to know.

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G1WH Dash Cam

The G1WH Dash Cam is an easy and affordable way to protect you, your car and your insurance NCD from crazy drivers or organised Crash for Cash scams by recording in full HD 1080p video as you drive.

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Finding A Donor Car

One of the main considerations before you even buy a kit is where you are going to source the parts needed to complete the build. While some manufacturers design their kit around a single donor car, many are now choosing to rely on parts sourced from a number of vehicles, often off the shelf from specialist scrap yards or aftermarket suppliers.

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Best Trolley Jack For You

A solid, high quality trolley jack is an essential piece of safety kit for aspiring kit builders so buy the best you can afford and it should last you a lifetime.

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Car Salvage Yards

Many modern kit cars use components from a number of vehicles rather than a single donor. Car salvage yards can often provide the parts you need to get your vehicle on the road under budget.

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