People often wonder what drives a person to build a sports car in their garage from scratch. After all, there’s plenty of production cars available, often for less money than you would spend on a car such as the Caterham 7 featured in this movie.

Well, grab yourself a coffee, turn down the lights and watch one man sum up the essence of owning a kit car as he enjoys a road trip along some of the most iconic roads of the British Isles.

All the exhilaration of driving a Caterham 7 is vividly revealed as the car flashes along some of the best known driving roads in the country. The legendary Snake Pass provides a roller-coaster ride at the best of times, with it’s hairpin bends and undulating surface. But the Caterham shows its Lotus Seven pedigree as it hugs the curves and flicks through the twisties, eating up the miles with ease.

As you watch this movie you cannot fail to be impressed at the camera skills as much as his driving. The movie maker has gone to great lengths to capture the mood and feeling behind driving a car like a Caterham. You feel like you’re in the cockpit with him as he slides past other road users, with power to spare.

This is why people build a kit car. It is more than just a vehicle, it has a soul which comes alive as you finish the project and put it on the road. For the people who have never built a vehicle of their own, no amount of explanation is enough while those who have created the car of their dreams don’t need to be told.

In the opening minute, the driver takes the instructions on his driving licence literally – tear along the dotted line!

So if you haven’t already watched the movie, lock the door and enjoy four minutes of driving pleasure as one man captures his Caterham 7 road trip on camera. Now, if anyone ever asks you why you would possibly want to construct a sports car with little more than a few hand tools and a bucketload of enthusiasm you don’t need to say a word – just show them this movie!