Cobra kit cars have been a popular choice among self build enthusiasts for over two decades, with a growing number of kit manufacturers adding a cobra replica to their stable. And it’s easy to see why.

A cobra replica sums up all that’s desirable in a kit car project, from stunning good looks and breathtaking performance down to more mundane yet equally valid reasons such as ease of assembly and the ready supply of parts and aftermarket accessories.

But if the original AC Cobra was created in the early 1960’s, why are cobra replicas more popular than ever, well into the 21st century?

The cobra is simply a gorgeous looking sports car. It is low and mean, with curves that look sensational from every angle. So the cobra is a true sports car enthusiasts choice that has rarely been bettered since it first hit the roads way back in the sixties.

A modern cobra replica is little more than an oversized engine wrapped up in a lightweight yet extremely strong chassis to keep everything under control.

The body shell offers excellent aerodynamics with very little weight, usually made of glass fiber or aluminum.

So the overall power to weight ratio is similar to the average modern day Japanese superbike, with acceleration and top end speed to match.

The low center of gravity and wide ‘pit bull’ stance of the cobra coupled with some road hugging rubber on each corner ensures a stable yet agile handling experience, whether on the track or blasting along the leafy back roads. It is this confidence that makes the cobra a true drivers car.

Add to this, virtually everything you could ever need for your cobra kit car project is available direct from the kit suppliers. however, there is also a ready source of specialist parts and accessory suppliers sprung up to cater for your every wish. From tailor made upholstery to a dazzling collection of chrome bits and bobs, you have everything you wish to assemble the car of your dreams.

Healthy Secondhand Cobra Market

Some people love to drive a cobra replica while others enjoy the whole putting it together experience. With cobra kit cars, both sets are happy thanks to a thriving and bouyant second hand market. Overall, the future for cobra kit cars looks as bright as it’s ever been and there are no signs of the love affair with this feisty sports car ending any time soon.

UK Cobra Builders

If you are based in the UK, you may be interested in the television series ‘A Car Is Born‘ where Mark Evans assembles a Pilgrim Sumo cobra replica from scratch. It’s now available on DVD here.