The rugged Dakar 4×4 kit car is unlike most self build vehicles on the market today. When the weather turns nasty and sane kit car owners tuck their prized sports cars away, the Dakar owner comes out to play!

See, the Dakar 4×4 is built on a nearly indestructible Range rover chassis yet weighs just a fraction of the original donor vehicle, giving it a massive power to weight ratio as well as enough torque to uproot trees. This machine is truly at home when axle deep in mud in conditions that would scare more expensive ‘pedigree’ off-road vehicles into submission.

Yet the Dakar is equally happy soaking up the miles on the motorway, or even commuting around town. It is a true all-rounder in every sense of the term. And thanks to some of the best wet weather gear in the industry, the Dakar is the ultimate year round car, keeping you warm, dry and safe through whatever the British weather can throw at you.

On top of all this I think the Dakar looks pretty good too!

The Kit

The Dakar comes in a variety of options, from a basic kit right up to a finished turnkey vehicle, with a number of options along the way. But whatever option you finally choose, you will be sure of a wealth of help and experience to guide you along the way.

They even have an option for them to build it for you in stages. This is a great idea as you see the car come together at a pace that suits both you and your wallet.

  • Stage 1 – Chassis Prep
    For around £1100 they will strip your donor vehicle down to a rolling chassis. They remove all the bodywork, such as the roof, wings, doors and body frame, then jet wash the chassis before chopping everything down to the right size.
  • Stage 2 – Initial Reassembly
    Another £1100 or so will get you the side frames, side panels and one piece roll cage fitted. The body shell is then fitted, aligned and secured in position. It is starting to look like a Dakar!
  • Stage 3 – Road Legal!
    Picking up from Stage 2, around £1700 will bring your vehicle up to road legal standard. This involves a multitude of tasks, from fitting the floor and fuel tank, right up to installing dash trim and getting the vehicle MOT’d.
  • Stage 4 – Accessories
    No project would be complete without adding the accessories that make it YOUR vehicle. Starting from about £800, your vehicle is taken right up to whatever level of trim you require. They even fill the fuel tank ready for you to collect and drive away.

While most Chelsea Tractor drivers consider mounting the pavement while dropping the kids off at prep school as the limit to their off-road adventures, Dakar kit car owners tend to be more extreme 4×4 enthusiasts! If you ever get a chance to put one through its paces, by a friend or at a kit show, do it – I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

4×4 kit cars

As 4×4 kit cars go, the Dakar is right up there with the best, with the performance to match its looks. The Dakar is truly a wolf in wolfs clothing!