One of the great developments in kit car design was the adoption of high performance motorcycle engines into an already lightweight car frame. In much the same way that Carroll Shelby shoehorned a big American block into a sporty British rolling chassis, the latest breed of motorcycle engined cars such as this Dax Rush Hayabusa take performance to the limit.

This example uses a high revving 185BHP 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine which boasts mind blowing acceleration and top speed squeezed into a track developed frame and chassis to keep everything under control and pointing in the right direction.

The Suzuki engine is an excellent choice as it is a solid and reliable powerplant that pumps out a huge amount of usable power just when you need it thanks to its easy, high revving design that will happily scream along through the gears all day! Once you have driven a cycle powered car I’m sure you won’t want to drive anything else.

Dax have been up there as one of the best kit car developers for many years now and have a wealth of design experience when it comes to performance cars.

With a range of suspension options as well as a wide selection of engine choices you can pretty much design a performance vehicle to suit every desire or budget and know that it will drive and handle just as a Dax should.

The Dax Rush has an enviable reputation for both build quality and performance that is rarely bettered in the kit car world. Their attention to detail can be seen in pretty much everything they do. If you have ever seen the Dax stand at one of the kit car shows, you’ll know what I mean.

As one of the first manufacturers to build a motorcycle powered kit you will benefit from their experience as well as the combined knowledge of the Dax Owners Club, a vibrant mix of kit builders and all out petrol heads!

If you are going to spend all the time and effort to build a kit car of your own, a Dax Rush Hayabusa like the one featured in this movie would be a great place to start.