As far as I’m aware, I was one of the first to suggest that an electric kit car is not only possible, it would be an ideal project thanks to the ready availability of lightweight kits.

I even went as far as to suggest a GTM Libra as a possible contender because of its reputation for build quality, weather protection and spacious design.

However as I’m sure you’ll agree, there are many other kit cars on the market right now that would be equally suitable for the task. It shouldn’t take a whole lot of extra work to convert them to run on battery power.

I also think that the kit car scene is the ideal place to start as it has a number of very distinct advantages in its favor…

GTM Libra – Ideal Electric Car?

The compact yet spacious GTM Libra looks like an ideal candidate for an electric conversion, don’t you think? With its smooth flowing curves it would transform the electric vehicle from a dull, utilitarian mode of transport into something you would WANT to be seen in!

Skilled and Enthusiastic Builders

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and there are fewer more inventive people than kit car enthusiasts.

They possess a number of mechanical skills, albeit in varying degrees, that enable them to turn a scrap donor car into a roadworthy piece of art.

So assembling an electric kit car should be well within their grasp.

Ready Made Kit Cars

There are a wide number of kit car manufacturers covering almost every corner of the globe and they produce a hugely diverse range of kit cars, from the evergreen Cobra replicas and Lotus Seven clones through to all manner of designs including sports cars and tourers.

So they wouldn’t need to make too many changes to the kits they already have in order to produce a fully functioning road legal electric kit car.

After all, look how quickly they adapted their kits for the motorcycle engine only a few years ago. Once the big guns such as Westfield and Dax realised the potential and started to produce them, every manufacturer seemed to include a motorcycle powered kit in their livery.

So I’m sure that the same will apply once an enterprising kit car manufacturer decides to put an electric vehicle on their forecourt.

Parts Are Readily Available

There truly has never been a better time to assembly a kit car as top quality parts and accessories are easily available from across the country, even across the world.

In the old days before the Internet, you literally had to trawl around the breakers yards in your local area hoping to find good quality parts at a reasonable price.

Now you simply trawl the online parts suppliers from the comfort of your armchair.

If you are planning to put together your own DIY electric car in the near future, I suggest that you get yourself a copy of Electric Conversion Made Easy by Gavin Shoebridge.

He covers all the steps you need to build an electric kit car of your own. And with the excellent build manuals of todays modern kit cars, you could be on the road for a fraction of the cost of a new hybrid or full blown mainstream EV.

Just think, you could be driving your own DIY electric car sooner than you think, and with the soaring cost of fuel, the sooner the better!