The G1WH Dash Cam available from Amazon is an effective and very affordable way to protect your vehicle from the growing tide of “Crash for Cash” scammers. For those who are unaware, organised gangs are arranging accidents, usually rear end shunts, in order to make inflated insurance claims. As you can imagine, this can destroy your precious vehicle as well as your otherwise healthy no claims discount.

These “accidents” are often staged at busy junctions, roundabouts and even motorway slip roads and involve slamming their brakes on hard for no reason, hopefully causing the innocent and unsuspecting driver following behind to hit them. The bad guys often inflate claims by saying there were several passengers in their car, taking the overall claim for damage as well as whiplash injury to ever higher levels. According to the UKs Insurance Fraud Bureau, fraud adds around £50 ($80) to our premiums. How do you feel handing over your hard earned cash to grubby fraudsters?

Well, there’s something you can do to help protect yourself from fraudulent claims as well as helping to keep your treasured hand built vehicle safe.

The G1WH Dash Cam is an unobtrusive camera that records your journey in full 1080p HD so that if you ever become a target of these scammers you will have high quality video proof of not only what caused the accident, but how many passengers were in the car and also who was driving at the time.

However, as well as cash for crash, there are a number of genuine accidents every day in which clear video evidence would be vital to awarding the case in your favour. Again, the G1WH Camera comes to your rescue.

A classic reason for having a dash cam is the increasing level of poor parking on our roads and shopping areas. Imagine for a moment that you park up and go off to do your shopping. A vehicle swings round too wide and hits the front of your car, causing considerable damage. But instead of leaving their details, they hurriedly drive away. Well, with a dash cam that features a G-Sensor that automatically starts recording if the car is bumped, catching the perpetrator in the act of trying to disappear!

Of course, there’s another reason to invest in a dash camera, especially for kit car owners. See, as you get to record your journey in full, glorious high definition, you can download the files from the memory card to your computer for a permanent record of that classic owners club rally you enjoyed so much!

Overall, the G1WH Dash Cam is excellent value for money and will repay itself many times over if you are unfortunate to get scammed.