Even though the Internet and wide screen TVs have brought us ever more motoring information, there’s still a huge selection of great magazines for British car enthusiasts.

Some are familiar, taking their place on high street and supermarket shelves week in, week out for as long as anyone can remember.

Others burst on to the scene to cover a particular marque or sport and have a much smaller yet more loyal following.

Over the rest of this page I’ll take a look at some of the very best car magazines and where you can get hold of them for a fraction of their regular cover price. Read on!

Auto Express Magazine

Get 6 issues for just £1
Auto Express is a weekly publication that covers all the latest news, road tests and general motoring gossip that every self respecting petrol-head simply couldn’t live without.

The road tests are fairly in depth while the writing style is upbeat and aimed at the 30 something sporty hatchback owner. It is also the only magazine that features a weekly updated used car price guide.

Because it is published weekly Auto Express magazine does a great job of keeping up to date with the news as it affects the motorist. Their supporting website offers a selection of articles and videos that relate to the magazine content. Overall, Auto Express magazine is a good mix of tech talk and light entertainment and at the time of writing you can get 6 issues for just £1. Grab it while it lasts!

Top Gear

UKs Top Motoring Show
Top Gear magazine is the sister publication to the highly popular BBC series of the same name.

If you have ever watched the programme you will have a good idea of what to expect in the magazine. That is, a slightly laddish, tongue in cheek look at the whole spectrum of motoring.

While at first glance it may appear to be nothing more than a group of guys driving overpriced exotica that most mortals will never afford, if you delve a little deeper you will discover a wealth of ‘warts and all’ reviews of pretty much any car in the showroom today.

Definitely an acquired taste, so if you like the TV series, you’ll LOVE the magazine! Get it here!

What Car

In Depth Reviews – 3 Issues for £1
If you are in the market for a new car or simply love to keep up to date with all the latest models then What Car magazine is an essential read. Each issue comes packed with extensive tests and a wealth of advice to guide you to make the best decision when choosing a vehicle to buy.

What Car covers the whole spectrum of vehicles, from 4x4s and top end supercars right through to hatchbacks and people carriers and each review is written by motoring experts in plain English.

Unlike many other mags, What Car also features family cars as well as the more economical vehicles because not everyone is in the market for a tarmac shredding supercar. Sometimes, we simply need a reliable car to get the kids to school!

So if you are looking for a car, don’t buy anything without first checking out What Car magazine… you’ll be glad you did – especially when you can get 3 issues hot off the press for just £1


Dedicated To Performance Cars
If you like your cars fast and furious then you’ll love EVO mag, the UKs only magazine dedicated to the latest supercars.

If you want to know how hot hatches and supercars compare to each other then you will find all the must-have data within the pages of EVO magazine.

With lap times and all the essential performance stats, even the most passionate petrol-head will find all the information they need on their favourite cars.

Throw in some of the most stunning images from possibly the worlds top motoring photographers and you have a car mag that will keep you informed and entertained right through to the next issue. Get a discount subscription here…


If you are into cars, there’s a wealth of information covering pretty much all aspects of motoring, and at prices that won’t make a dent in your wallet.