I have to admit that I like the Grinnall Scorpion. Yes, I know that many people wouldn’t even consider a three wheeler, but I’m pretty sure that after they try a Grinnall, especially on the road, they will change their mind.

So what is so special about Grinnall kit cars?

Modern Styling

Well, for starters there is the low slung modern styling that is designed to cut through the air looking like a torpedo as you flash along country roads. The blunt curvy nose with protruding front wheels look vaguely Formula 1 while the squat single rear wheel and flat section tyre look like something that wouldn’t go amiss on a drag racer.

Blistering Performance

Unlike many three wheeled kit cars, the Grinnall Scorpion has been designed with one aim in mind – to go fast. The BMW power-plant produces as much horsepower as you would ever need with your backside skimming along just a few inches above the tarmac. This thing feels as fast as it looks as that single rear tyre bites into the road looking for every scrap of traction it can muster.

Superb Handling

As you can imagine from a vehicle so squat and low, the handling is amazing. With such a low centre of gravity the car/rocket sticks to whatever line you point it along, the wide front wheels ensuring a civilised progression through the twisties as you wind on the power down to the next bend in the road. Roadholding is both predictable and reliable, with no nasty surprises when you least expect them.

So overall, it’s no surprise that the Grinnall Scorpion is one of the most popular three wheel kit cars on the market today. It combines great looks with tyre shredding performance and sure footed handling to keep everything under control. If you have never driven a three wheeler before do yourself a favour and bag yourself a test drive in a Grinnall.