The stylishly compact GTM Libra is the ideal balance between great looks and outstanding performance. At a recent Donington kit car show a GTM car was lapping the famous race track shoulder to shoulder with Locosts and other more traditional track cars.

Owners of this deceptively spacious vehicle give many reasons for the cars popularity, yet nobody can put their finger on the precise reason the GTM is such a sought after little car.

This is in part because the Libra ticks so many boxes, being the vehicle of choice for a wide range of different uses. Unlike many other kits, the GTM is certainly no “one trick pony”.

So taking a quick look at what the GTMs have to offer, we discover:

Spacious Interior

There is plenty of legroom and passenger space in a GTM. Now I’ll be the first to admit that being only 5ft 10 I rarely find legroom to be a problem, however, other GTM drivers tell me that they are happy with the legroom available for there somewhat longer legs than mine.

Passengers in this compact little 2-seater seem equally happy, but of course, their space is not impeded by the foot pedals. The cockpit width is also adequate, especially if you compare the GTM to many of the narrower Locost vehicles available to build. This generous width is most keenly appreciated by the bigger driver who needs a little more shoulder room.

Weather Protection

The GTM comes with some of the best weather protection in the business, either as a conventional hard shell or with the optional cabriolet soft top. Either option is first rate, combining a sporty look with practical protection from pretty much anything the unpredictable British weather can throw at it.


The Libra is a well balanced little car that hugs the road with a surefootedness you would expect from a mid-engined sports car of this pedigree. The manufacturers claim a 0-60mph time of just 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 150mph with a 2.5 litre Rover engine which is certainly fast enough for me.

The GTM really shows its class on twisty A roads where the optimal weight distribution combines with a low centre of gravity to dart round the bends with breathtaking exhilaration. Adjustable dampers and wide grippy tyres ensures the GTM stays stuck to the road as you dart through the curves like it’s on rails.


The GTM Libra is an exciting little mid-engined sports car that combines everything you could wish for in an affordable package. Throw in its stunning good looks and what more could you possibly ask for?