The gorgeous looking Hawk HF3000 is a faithful Lancia Stratos kit car replica, with body panels so accurate that they are often used as replacements for the originals.

The Bertone designed Lancia Stratos was a very successful rally car in the 1970s and early 1980s, having been created for racing right from the outset. Coupled with its distinctive and very stylish appearance, it’s little wonder that kit car replicas are still so popular.

Probably the best known Lancia Stratos replica, the Hawk HF3000 kit car can be powered by a wide range of engines, from “run of the mill” 2 litre lumps right up to a throaty Ferrari power-plant such as the 2.4 litre Ferrari Dino V6 engine or even a 3.0 litre Ferrari Quattrovalvole.

Road Holding and Handling

The Hawk HF3000 is a mid engined sports car with a short wheelbase, similar to the original Lancia. Combined with a low centre of gravity, this helps the Hawk to squat down and grip the tarmac as it flicks effortlessly through the twisty bits while keeping the power under control.

The Kit

Overall, the kit is a beautifully engineered piece of automotive art. You can tell that Hawk are passionate about their product as it shows in the high standard of workmanship.

However, first and foremost they are engineers with a keen eye on traditional craftsmanship, as seen in the quality of the body panels. As previously mentioned, they are a direct replacement for the originals. Not many replica kit cars can boast that!

For budget conscious builders, Hawk have a variety of kits available, so you can buy what you need when you need it.

The Company

Hawk Cars are also known as Hawkridge Developments after their principal – Gerry Hawkridge. They are regularly seen at kit car shows both in the UK and Europe where a number of finished cars are displayed including some customer built cars, so you can see the standard that can be achieved by an average builder.

Contact them first if you wish to visit the factory or require a demonstration drive. They can suggest local accommodation if you need to stay overnight in the vicinity.


Hawk Cars Limited
Riverhall Hill
East Sussex

Tel: 01892 750282