Getting any kit assembled and on the road is a true test of your character, with attention needed at every stage of the project. From researching and choosing the right kit for you through setting and sticking to budgets it is wise to see it as a long term hobby rather than a quick assembly job.

But when it comes to building a replica lamborghini Countach there are a few other considerations for the budding home mechanic to ponder. After all, the lambo clone isn’t exactly a wallflower when it is parked up in the shopping mall car lot.

Leave it for more than a couple of minutes and you can bet a small crowd will begin to gather, from admiring onlookers to eagle eyed enthusiasts just itching to find flaws with your pride and joy.

So it makes sense to take a deep breath before you even begin to put a wrench to your pile of auto parts and think about how closely you are going to match the original and what you are willing to leave to what can best be described as artistic interpretation.

Because there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of – putting a vehicle like the one featured in the video on the road, to the standard you see here, will cost you in both hard earned money and time as you painstakingly attempt to recreate your own little piece of motoring history. See, while you may be tempted to cut corners with a simple utilitarian kit such as a sand rail or beach buggy, for something as majestic and iconic as a Lambo clone you will want to do the marque justice. Believe me, if the finish is rushed or anything less than pristine you can be sure that some wise cracking smart alec who has never even changed his own oil will want to point out even the most minor flaw.

It’s little wonder then that there are so many part finished kits available in the classified section of the popular magazines or listed on auction sites.

Now don’t let that put you off. There’s not much that can compare to the exhilaration of firing up a sports car you put together with your own fair hand. Well, maybe the birth of your first born perhaps!

As with all hobbies, getting the car roadworthy is only half the fun. You then have the pleasure of driving the car, watching heads turn as your throaty exhaust catches the ear of auto enthusiasts who appreciate the sound of an engine with fire in its belly.