Putting a kit car on the road can be a challenge to say the least, but one where the rewards more than justify the effort. In this articles section of the site we will attempt to take a look at just what drives a kit car builder as well as some of the many options and choices you will encounter.

Because just as there are a huge selection of kit cars to build, there are as many different reasons for wanting to build one.

You could be the type of person who enjoys tinkering away in your garage on a cold rainy winters evening. You may simply want a hand built sports car to throw around the track at weekend race meetings. Or you may want a sporty looking vehicle for weekend drives along leafy country roads on a sunny summer day. Whatever your reasons for wanting a kit car, there are a number of cars just perfect for you!

Whether you decide to build your own car from scratch such as the Locost, or prefer to assemble a kit car such as the gorgeous Cobra Clone (pictured above) you will still get the satisfaction of driving your own hand built vehicle.

Your Kit Car Project

There is so much more to building a kit car than wrestling elbow deep in oily vehicle parts. If you build one of the growing number of 4×4 kit cars such as the Dakar 4×4 you could spend your weekends knee deep in mud too! There is such a wide range of vehicle styles available that you will have a choice of manufacturers for whatever you finally want a vehicle for.

So once you decide on the type of kit car you wish to build don’t just settle for the first manufacturer you find. With a little bit of research you will dig up a host of similar models to suit your particular needs and financial constraints.

Join The Owners Club!

When you buy a kit car to build I recommend you join the owners club, giving you access to a wealth of practical tips and advice as well as a source of new friends. After all, a large number of them have already constructed the very same car that you are building so they are sure to have come across whatever problems you may bump into along the way.

Many others will be at a similar stage of construction to you and can offer support and encouragement when you hit one of those off days when it seems like your project will never be finished.

As an added bonus, many owners clubs have negotiated special deals with parts suppliers to get you the bits you need at a discount. And when it cones to building a car, and discount is appreciated!