For all you kit car builders still sitting on the fence wondering whether you should assemble a car of your own or take the easy way out and buy a turnkey vehicle, take a look at the MEV team at the 2012 Stoneleigh show.

Yes, I know the donor car has already been prepped so that will reduce the time it takes to build your own kit, but going off this video you should have a complete road going machine in around an hour, right?

All kidding aside, an exercise like this is more than just a show for eager fans. It should give potential kit builders the encouragement to dig in and take on a similar project for themselves. Often the biggest hurdle to getting started is the mental wrestling we do about getting started! Demonstrations such as this go some way to lifting the lid on what is involved in assembling a kit from scratch.

The manufacturers suggest that a real life project will take around four months to complete, but as you can imagine, there are a lot of variables in that mix. My advice it to take your time and don’t let false deadlines force you into rushing the job. There’s nothing more upsetting than to see a shoddy vehicle hurriedly slapped together.

Time spent getting the details right is always time invested wisely in my book.

Of course that’s no excuse to procrastinate and keep the project on the back burner for years. Many perfectionists are really just frightened of finishing a project, using their ‘perfectionism’ as an excuse not to complete the task. Don’t let this happen to you as one of the greatest pleasures of assembling a car yourself from nothing more than an old donor vehicle and a bag of parts is that you get to drive the thing later.

Overall, I feel that the team in the video do an excellent job of putting together one of their kits in an exciting and entertaining way that is appreciated by their audience.

It takes some guts to do this in the full glare of dozens of other enthusiasts, some of which can be quick to criticize when they are not the ones in the spotlight.