This kit car Ferrari is an NF Autos Foreman mk4 based on the iconic 1967 Ferrari P4 of which only 4 originals were ever made. With its sweeping bodywork and tarmac shredding performance on the race track it’s easy to see why the legendary P4 would have its admirers.

It is to the kit manufacturers credit that the Foreman mk4 is a very credible replica. Yes, there have been a few modifications and the occasional compromise but overall, it has a fairly authentic look to it. It’s little wonder then that Wikipedia suggests that a kit car as pristine as this one, but powered by a genuine Ferrari engine would fetch around $200,000 if sold.

Lesser models powered by a Rover engine for example would be expected to command $50,000 when sold. Not too bad on first look, but you have to remember that to get to a level of finish comparable to the one in the video you will have to shell out some serious money as well as a lot of elbow grease to add to your blood, sweat and tears.

So what are they like to drive? Well, one owner reported that it was a pig to park, mainly due to the poor visibility all round. This is made even worse when the inevitable crowds gather, watching to see if you bump your pride and joy!

Of course, you can live with a few parking niggles when you have a car that looks as stunning as this one, especially when it has some serious horsepower under your “go faster” boot. Get on to your favourite road, open it up and enjoy as the scenery flashes past. This is what driving a pure bred sports car is all about and they don’t come much prettier than this.