Hands up if you dreamed of driving a Lamborghini Countach as a kid. I remember the poster back in my teenage years which seemed to be on every wall back in the day. So it’s little wonder that lambo countach replicas are still as hot today as they have ever been.

Watching the video you can see the attention to detail that has gone into building this particular example. A common complaint with kit cars is that many builders are in too much of a hurry to get the vehicle finished and cut corners on some of the essential finishing touches.

This is certainly not the case here. The Armstrong body was created from the moulds of an original 1988 Countach while the wheels, lights and most of the glass are actually OEM.

The power plant is a stock ’93 Corvette LT1 giving out around 300hp and a very respectable 350lb of torque. The OEM wheels are wrapped in 345/35/15 rubber at the rear providing excellent grip to get all that power onto the tarmac, where it belongs. The front tires are 225/50/15 keeping this vehicle pointing in the right direction.

But what is this kit car like to drive?

Well, as you can imagine it takes some getting used to sliding into the drivers seat, especially if you are taller than average. Once you have settled in, you can fire this baby up and hit the road! The video drive-by shows the car in full flow, with a throaty burble from the exhaust as it flashes past.

The interior of the car has been put together with the same level of attention as the outer shell, giving a pleasant and authentic feel as you enjoy the ride. The leather seats and cabin finish give this car a plush, classy feel.

Overall, this is a very good example of what can be put together with a high quality lambo countach kit, and plenty of dedication.