Take a walk around this stunning Lamborghini Murcielago replica and you can see the sheer attention to detail as well as the workmanship that goes into putting a car like this on the road. The finished car is a credit to the builder who obviously spent a lot of money and effort on creating an authentic lambo replica that would look the part.

It is also a testament to the skill of the kit car manufacturer who put together the kit in the first place. There’s a lot more to creating a kit than immediately meets the eye.

Yes, the more obvious items such as the body panel moulds have to be spot on, as do the accessories such as rear lights and grilles. Use the wrong design and it simply looks wrong. however, the manufacturer also has to make everything work within the confines of the donor vehicle. For example, getting the doors to operate and fit just right would be a nightmare on any car. Add to this that fact that it has to line up to an existing Toyota body yet still work as a Lambo door and you get my point.

Looking at the car in the video you can see that a lot of energy has gone into making the car as visually accurate as possible while ensuring it works as intended.

The end result is a car that will turn heads. The sublime paint finish and matching trim ensure that people look for all the right reasons! Just watch how smooth yet solid looking the door mechanism is at the 1 minute 30 mark.

At the end of the movie you get to hear the throaty burble of the engine. While it may not be a true Lamborghini under the hood, the punchy twin turbo 2 litre unit will be more than enough for most weekend warriors looking to cruise along the sea front.

Overall this Lamborghini Murcielago replica is a great example of what can happen when an enthusiastic builder meets a great kit car designer.