This Lancia Stratos kit car is a stunning replica of the championship winning rally car that took the racing world by storm in the early seventies.

There are a number of Stratos kits available, with Hawk Cars producing one of the most popular and some would argue the most authentic. According to Hawk, their body panels are used as replacement parts for the original Stratos.

Of course, while the replicas look great straight out of the crate (as seen by the examples in the background of the video clip) the car really comes to life when it is decked out in an authentic rally paint scheme, complete with sponsorship stickers.

AS you take a look around the car, the typically Italian style looks as fresh and aggressively sporty as it did back in 1971, while the addition of modern brakes and suspension should help to keep the car glued to the road or track as you put the engine through its paces.

Overall, it’s easy to see why the Lancia Stratos kit car attracts the attention of motoring enthusiasts as well as kit builders. All you need to do is persuade the other half to let you have one!