The locost kit car is an affordable way to get yourself on the first rung of the racing scene in a car that you put together from what seems like bits of sheet metal, a few pipes and some donor bits salvaged from an old scrapper.

But don’t be fooled into thinking the Locost is nothing more than a glorified go-kart. Depending on your choice of components, your finished vehicle will handle like a dream thanks to its stiff chassis and low slung center of gravity. Due to its light weight the performance will be breathtaking.

The sensation of speed is heightened because your backside is skimming the tarmac and the wind blasts your face like some turbocharged hairdryer.

While the purist may argue that building a Locost should be done from scratch, painstakingly creating every part and panel from sheet metal, not everyone has the time, skills or patience.

For this reason a number of Locost kit car manufacturers have sprung up offering a basic set of parts to get you started quickly.

Locost Builders

It’s little wonder that most locost builders are self confessed petrolheads.

By following the Locost design created by Chris Gibbs in his excellent Build Your Own Sports Car On A Budget (available from Amazon in the USA and the UK), the amateur mechanic gets to know their Locost in intimate detail. To the builders, their cars have souls.

Racing A Locost

For many enthusiasts, the real aim is to build a car that they can race. And fortunately there is a healthy Formula Locost championship in the UK run by the 750 Motor Club which sees races around some of the most famous tracks in the UK, including Donington, Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

When you put your Locost on a track with several others, you have an adrenaline charged hobby that is both great fun and relatively affordable when compared to other forms of car racing.

Although not as popular in the USA, the Locost regularly competes in a number of amateur championships along with other kit car models.

Overall, the humble Locost is a great introduction to affordable kit cars you can build and race, making them an ideal hobby whatever your age.