What makes a normally sane, level headed person decide to rip apart a traditional production vehicle and rearrange the parts to create their very own kit car?

In this short movie we get a brief over the shoulder look at the thought processes that go into deciding to build a kit car. Not just any kit car, nothing less than the awesome Mev Exocet.

The Exocet is one of a new breed of car, with a skeletal tubular framework that provides an amazingly rigid body, but absolutely zero weather protection!

Similar in style to the Ariel Atom, the Exocet is an out and out performance car, with its sturdy framework cradling the drivers cockpit like a Formula 1 car. Add to this a low centre of gravity and you can really feel the sensation of speed as your backside hurtles along just inches from the tarmac. Go fast in an Exocet and you KNOW you’re moving.

This movie is a great example of getting your priorities right. The guy falls for the Exocet and only then does he think about buying a donor vehicle. Most newbie kit car builders make the mistake of looking at the MOT failure sitting in their garage and wondering what limited options they have available when what they SHOULD do is sell or swap the scrapper for the donor they require.

So in this clip our hero goes from thumbing through a magazine right up to buying the kit and sourcing a suitable donor Mazda MX5. He explains in the movie why the MX5 is such a good car to base a kit on. The body comes off the rolling chassis leaving all the important bits still intact.

It also proves that the external appearance of the car doesn’t matter as it will be discarded. As long as the important mechanical bits are salvageable then you have a donor that’s good to go.