While most kit cars are a bit of a squeeze for anyone taller than 5ft 5in, the Pacific roadster is a wide bodied cobra replica suitable for taller drivers. By making the body shell longer and wider the driver of the completed vehicle has considerably more leg room as well as a more generous shoulder space.

Now while this is obviously a boon for the bigger driver, is the kit actually any good?

From the movie clip I think there’s no doubt, the finished article is a stunner! The build quality is first class, with the attention to detail that a car of this pedigree deserves. It soon becomes apparent that a lot of thought has gone into the finished design of this vehicle.

As demonstrated, one of the problems a larger driver will encounter is the windscreen top frame getting in the way, so you have to peer over it or try to crouch down to see under. Not very practical! The Pacific Roadster has a higher screen which ensures you have a clear view as you drive.

Legroom is also excellent as we have already mentioned. However, this has a knock-on effect as it makes access and exiting the vehicle so much easier. I’m sure we’ve all struggled to get into kit cars that are a snug fit, similar to a Formula 1 car. It takes a supple and energetic driver to slide in and out of some of the smaller kits. Having enough room to stretch your legs will also go a long way to relieving driver fatigue.

The styling of the car is big and aggressive, making it an instant hit with the younger, testosterone fuelled builder while the rigid frame will handle any powerplant you care to fit. Performance is just as exhilarating as you would expect from a beast of a car like this!

Cobra replicas are every biy as popular now as they have been at any time in the last few decades and it’s easy to see why. The combination of raw power and stunningly good looks coupled with great handling ensure that cobras will be high on the list of many kit car builders for many more decades to come.