The Shelby Cobra is possibly the Worlds most reproduced vehicle with a growing number of kit car manufacturers adding the sporty two seater 427 car to their livery. And just a simple glance at the car will tell you why they are still so popular, not only with kit builders, but on the second hand market too.

The AC Cobra was a motoring icon that firmly stamped its name due to its outrageous performance and timeless design. My guess is that people will always want a cobra replica 10, 20 or maybe even 50 years from now.

When you think of how many original ac cobras were made it means that the average guy in the street will never be able to own a genuine 1966 ac cobra 427 car, even if he could afford the ever rising price. Hence the proliferation of kit cars that have been produced to fill the void. The demand is still there, as strong as it ever was, but now Mr Average can get his hands on one too.

So if you take a look at the movie above it is clear just how much painstaking attention to detail goes into creating a replica cobra as desirable as this one. The owner has completed a lot of work on this Factory Five model before handing it over to the specialist Motion Products Inc to take to the next level.

The finished car is a replica AC Cobra that anyone would be proud to own. It looks as good as any original, with authentic paint scheme as well as a throaty roar from the reworked engine. On the road, the car performs as well as you could wish for, the main problem being finding a stretch of road clear enough to do the car justice.

Motion Products Inc have every right to be pleased with the work they have done on the car, my only regret is that it isn’t mine!