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Why Build A Kit Car?

With so many modern vehicles from mainstream manufacturers at knockdown prices it often leads to the inevitable question from those who don’t know one end of a torque wrench from the other…why on earth would you build a kit car?

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Dax Cars

If you have ever been to a British kit show you are certain to have seen plenty of Dax kits on display as they are one of the top UK manufacturers as well as avid supporters of the kit car scene.

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Cobra Kit Cars

This stunning Dax shows just how far Cobra kit cars have come, with state of the art suspension coupled with a fearsome engine that is guaranteed to turn heads whether you are cruising down the boulevard or simply parking up at your local supermarket.

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Dax Rush Hayabusa

A great example of a Dax Rush Hayabusa with a 1300cc Suzuki motorcycle engine to rocket you from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds with a top speed of around 140mph.

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