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Tiger Sports Cars UK

Tiger sports cars are an affordable way to get into track racing, with a number of kits and options to suit every ability and budget. As a family run business they are aware of what it means to build your own car and are on hand to help if you need a little advice.

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Why Build A Kit Car?

With so many modern vehicles from mainstream manufacturers at knockdown prices it often leads to the inevitable question from those who don’t know one end of a torque wrench from the other…why on earth would you build a kit car?

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Locost Kit Car

For many builders a locost is their first taste of crafting a vehicle from scratch, either from a kit of parts or quite often, by fabricating their own bits from plans in a book.

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Kit Car Selection

Before you settle for a particular kit, take a look at all the options available by heading down to a kit car show and seeing just what’s on offer in your price range and mechanical ability.

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Build Your Own Kit Cars

There’s a whole host of options available to potential kit car builders, from fully finished turnkey cars, through to varying stages of kit chassis or body, down to a collection of plans and assembly instructions in a book. So there’s something for every type of builder from weekend tinkerers to amateur mechanics with tricked out workshops.

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Affordable Kit Cars

Putting a vehicle on the road that you built yourself doesn’t have to cost a fortune as there are so many affordable kit car options available to builders on a budget.

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