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Kit Car Ferrari

This kit car Ferrari replica is a stunning example of the Foreman mk4, based on the iconic Ferrari P4 racing car. Only 4 P4s were produced, so a pristine example such as this one sporting a 350ci Chevy V8 engine is guaranteed to turn heads as you power along the road.

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Off Road Kit Car

A popular alternative to the legion of Sevens and Cobra replicas is the off roader, which can be as simple as a cage with an engine such as the Berrien Buggy right up to a cut down Range Rover shoehorned into a Dakar 4×4 shell.

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The VW Beetle based Nova was a futuristic styled car that was way ahead of its time when it was launched in the seventies and eighties. The kit lives on as the Sterling based in the USA.

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GTM Cars

Now owned by Westfield, GTM cars are compact and sporty kit cars that are at equally home on the road or at the track.

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