Tiger Sports cars are a UK based business manufacturing a number of kit cars in various stages of completion, from a washer to a rolling chassis right through to race capable turnkey vehicles.

They are a family company with a reputation for being both friendly and approachable, ideal qualities for any kit manufacturer as they are also the main people to turn to if you encounter any challenges during your kit car build.

On their website they state they have an open door policy whereby you can simply drop in and take a look around. However, common courtesy would suggest to me that a phone call in advance would be the right thing to do.

But enough about the company, what about the cars?

Tiger Avon

Well, their Tiger Avon is the entry level locost model and is based loosely around a Ford Sierra Donor, but with a variety of engine options including the Ford Modeo Zetec unit and a selection of motorcycle engines if you are feeling adventurous! With a space frame chassis and independent suspension, the Tiger Avon is an affordable entry to track racing, being eligible for a number of race series.

With a starting price of around a grand for the starter kit chassis pack it is a great introduction to kit car building.

Tiger 100

The other models in the extensive Tiger Racing stable include the mind blowing Tiger 100, capable of 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. That is serious acceleration, especially when your backside is skimming just inches from the tarmac.

They achieve this by bolting in a PAIR of Suzuki GSXR1000 engines and adding extra bracing to keep the power under control. All that’s missing is a pair of wings!

Tiger R6

If you simply want a car that can be used on the road or adapted to the track then look no further than the Tiger R6 which fills both roles perfectly. A quiet unassuming road car by day (who am I trying to kid?) it transforms into a capable race car with just a few modifications and the R6 is ready for the track. It even has its own race series.

Overall, Tiger kit cars are a great British family run sports car company that produces vehicles you would want to own and race.