In this movie we see a full Ultima GTR build from where the owner takes delivery of the kit, right through to finishing off the interior trim ready for the road…and all in just four minutes. If you have thought about assembling a full blooded sports car for yourself or simply want to know what is involved in a project of this size then sit back and enjoy the show.

The video clip gets right into the action and kicks off with shots of the frame and a stack of boxes in the corner, each containing shiny new parts for what will soon be a tarmac shredding supercar in every sense of the word.

We swiftly move through the process of assembling and kitting out the vehicle frame, adding all the interior panels along the way. We see the bare framework transform into a complete rolling chassis, complete with steering rack and foot pedals as well as installation of the handbrake and cables as we follow along with the kit builder.

The assembly continues at a rapid pace, from cooling fans to the plumbing and pipework before we get onto routing and securing the wiring loom so that all the right terminals are in just the right places.

We then turn our attention to the brakes. Just look at the vented discs, a stunning piece of engineering if I ever saw it! with the suspension struts bolted firmly into place, the whole thing is aligned to very strict tolerances. With the addition of the wheels and steering wheel the rolling chassis is taken outside into the sunshine for the very first time. It is now unmistakably a car, and a pretty fast looking one too.

The rolling chassis is then loaded onto a trainer and taken for the body to be fitted. For the first time we see the bright yellow outline that is unmistakably Ultima GTR. On return, it’s time to get down to business and make this car look awesome!

Originally designed by Lee Noble, the GTR is as much about style as it is about mind blowing performance. And Ted Marlow, the owner of the Ultima factory, is single minded when it comes to his supercar. He’s not satisfied with just producing a fast car, he wants it to take on and embarrass the Worlds leading sports exotica in a vehicle that is within the budget of the regular guy in the street.

Finally we see the installation of the gearbox and engine before taking us through a few shots of the finished interior. As the movie closes we see the car in all its completed glory, looking like it’s doing 100mph as it sits on the neat brick driveway. That was a lot to fit into just four minutes!