The Ultima GTR is up there with the best performing Supercars on the planet, and at the time of writing is the current holder of the 0-100mph-0 world record. All this from a car you put together yourself!

Of course, there’s more to a car than just raw performance…er, actually, scrub that. It is ALL about the performance.

Yes it looks like a finely engineered piece of automobile exotica that wouldn’t look out of place in any Italian supercars stable, but is it a true performer or is it all noise? Well, taking a look at the video should give you some idea of what to expect.

First off, the ultima looks gorgeous. The swooping, flowing curves are as modern and iconic as when the car was first conceived. It’s timeless design will be as fresh in 10 years as it is now. Now all supercars can say that!

As with any bespoke vehicle, the ultimate performance figures will depend on a number of factors. The choice of engine depends on the final driving requirements of the car. Running it on the track will have very different needs to an owner wishing to have a sporty weekend warrior suitable for road trips across the country.

But whatever powerplant is chosen you can be sure the Ultima GTR can handle it. After all, an Ultima chassis was chosen to test the McLaren engine prior to full production.

Roadholding is as good as you would expect from a sports car of this pedigree. The factory is one of the most prolific researchers in the kit car industry, aiming to deliver a vehicle worthy of the Ultima badge. Demonstrators are regularly taken to the track for testing and development, as well as to satisfy the petrolhead appetite of the factory owner.

This is a drivers car. Yes, it has space for a passenger, but to truly enjoy the limits of the Ultima you will want to take it to where it feels truly at home – out on the race track.