Westfield kit cars are most famous for their British made replicas of the classic Lotus Seven. Their fleet has since expanded to include the Zonda-beating XTR as well as the buyout of the iconic GTM factory.

The Westfield company started in 1983 by engineer Chris Smith following the design and build of his dream car, the Lotus Xl Le Mans in his home garage. He was soon inundated with requests for replica kits by enthusiasts eager to build and drive one for themselves.

Due to soaring demand, Westfield had to find bigger premises and the legend was born!

since those heady early days, the company has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading innovation both on the track and the road. And it is this commitment that has seen them push the envelope when it comes to self build vehicle design, such as:

Motorcycle Engines

Westfield cars were one of the earliest users of high powered motorcycle engines to drive their sports cars. The high revving superbike power-plants add blistering acceleration and high octane excitement to a lightweight kit car chassis and body. This was demonstrated in graphic detail when a Suzuki Hyabusa engined Westfield XTR beat a Zonda round the track on the BBC’s Top Gear programme.

Race Development

A healthy involvement on the track fuels development for both their race and road legal cars. But is isn’t all about improving the car; their hugely popular Active Days bring the race driving experience to the masses and are always fully booked months in advance.

Electric Vehicles

Westfield have jumped into the future of electric vehicles early and have created partnerships with some of the Industry heavyweights in order to produce the sports cars of the future, today.

The company was bought in 2006 by Potenza Sports Cars who share the commitment to innovation and the pleasure of driving a sports car of the highest quality.

Which brings us right up to the present day. With over 12,000 cars sold around the world since 1983 and over 400 produced each year, it looks like we’ll be seeing Westfields screaming round the track and along the leafy country roads for some time yet.

Watch the video and see for yourself as you tour the Westfield kit cars factory. Not only will you see how a successful small vehicle manufacturer keeps everything running smoothly, you’ll also get to peer behind the curtain and discover how your future kit is manufactured and assembled.