Own a Westfield kit car and you have in your garage a piece of kit car history. Westfield have been producing kit cars since 1983, putting over 12,000 on the road.

And they are knocking them out at around 400 a year, making them one of the most popular and enduring kit cars on the UK market.

So what makes Westfield sports cars so special?

Well, although their most popular models are based on the evergreen Lotus Seven style, they have been at the forefront on kit car design, producing a number of new designs such as the Westfield XTR as well as innovative engine and suspension options.

Westfield Sports Cars

Added to this is their commitment to innovation, as seen by the performance of Westfields on the track. Shoehorn a motorcycle engine into a Westie and you have a blisteringly fast car that sticks to the tarmac on sweeping bends while agile enough to flick through the twisties. No wonder they have their own race series.

But all this fun would be wasted if Westfields were merely rich boys toys. Thankfully, the company has striven to make their cars as affordable as possible, by offering a number of build options, from a basic kit right up to a turnkey solution that you simply drive away.

Westfield have even designed and built an electric kit car, which they revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010. So you can be sure that Westfields will continue long into the future!

But it is with the uncompromising power that Westfields are best known. The mind-blowing SEIGHT covered 0-60 in a shade well under 4 seconds thanks to its light weight and V8 power-plant.

Westfield Today

They continue to pursue the quest for power by being one of the first to squeeze high revving motorcycle engines into their kits for the ultimate in high-power, high performance driving that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Overall, you cannot fail to be impressed with the Westfield pedigree. And with a varied stable of desirable models on offer it’s easy to see why kit car enthusiasts have been voting with their wallets and building Westfield kit cars for almost 30 years…and I can’t see them stopping any time soon!


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