Westfield sports cars have been highly respected on the track for their affordable performance and excellent handling abilities. This makes the westie a popular car for novice racers to get on to the track.

The video shows just how responsive the car is to the drivers touch, albeit a driver with considerable experience. It also demonstrates just how much fun you can have in a full blooded sports car that you put together in your own garage. And this is surely what building your own car is all about, right?

But for all its racing pedigree, the Westfield is equally at home darting along country lanes with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face. OK, maybe a little cliched…more like a faceful of drizzle and flies in your teeth!

If you want to construct a car suitable for the road rather than a pure track based racer then the guys at Westfield are only too pleased to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Their kits are affordable and help is only ever a phone call away. They have kit cars in their blood. Maybe it is this passion for their cars that has made them one of the countries top manufacturers.

Maybe it’s their willingness to get out there and be seen. They always make a huge effort at the kit car shows, with official displays to rival any mainstream vehicle manufacturer, while always willing to put on a little entertainment with displays such as the one in the video clip.

Whether you enjoy the thrill of driving a sporty car on the road or in competition you will find what you are looking for in the Westfield stable. And they’re fun to build too!