They are used to thinking up crazy stunts at Top Gear and several kit car projects have made an appearance through the years. So a Westfield XTR2 review would not be complete without a lap of the track with the Stig behind the wheel.

The XTR2 is powered by a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa 4 cylinder engine putting out 170bhp. As the car in the video only weighs around 410 kilograms it boasts a very high power to weight ratio, around 460bhp per tonne – a point not lost on Richard Hammond as he gets behind the wheel and puts his foot to the floor. And all this from a car you can build for yourself in your garage for under twenty thousand pounds!

Of course, one of the benefits of using a motorbike engine is the revs. Lots of revs. Wrapping everything up in a lightweight steel tubular spaceframe chassis will let you push all this power through a 6-speed sequential gearbox, giving a very responsive car for the road or track. That’s right…the Westfield XTR2 is a fully road legal car.

Track Test

But of course to see what the car is capable of you will want to push it to its limits around a race track. Which is exactly what the Stig decided to do. As you watch the lap you cannot help but notice how stable the machine is around the bends, hugging the curves like an overgrown go-kart. The low center of gravity coupled with the right rubber enable this vehicle to take the feared hammerhead corner at a speed that would send lesser cars off into the long grass.

Now this is all well and good, but how will it compare to the other exotic sports cars that have graced this tarmac in the past? Well, the final times are revealed and the XTR2 has actually lapped the track faster than the Pagani Zonda. OK, it’s only a fraction of a second faster but hey, it all counts!

As I get my breath back after watching the Stigs racing abilities, I’ve noticed that the car has no windscreen. It doesn’t have a radio and it looks like there isn’t much room for the weekly grocery shop. So how am i going to persuade the wife to let me have one?

Westfield XTR Cars For Sale

Unfortunately there is a slight problem as the XTR2 is no longer in production. Westfield ceased making the model so that they could focus their efforts on their Lotus Seven styled range of kits.

This means that if you want to own an XTR, you will need to buy a ready assembled kit from someone else or scour sites such as eBay or Auto Trader for abandoned or part finished kits that you can complete to your own specification. Good luck with that as I’m sure demand will be quite high, especially after a video review such as the one above.