The first question anyone ever asks a would-be kit builder is usually: Why build a kit car?

And let’s be honest, with the quality, high specification and relative low cost of production vehicles today, it is a valid question.

It is also one that you must answer for yourself if you are going to progress from simply thinking about building your own vehicle to finally driving it on the road.

Yes, kit cars such as the lightweight Westfield are fun to build and exhilarating to drive.

But there must be more to owning and building a kit car than just fun weekends blasting along in a glorified go-kart, right?

Let’s consider a number of common reasons…


A common reason for building your own car is to create a vehicle that is not only unique, it also carries some of your own personality with it. If you take a moment to look at todays modern cars, they all tend to look pretty similar, with a specification that you would be hard pressed to get a feeler gauge in-between.

This is due in part to the fact that all the mainstream vehicle manufacturers are competing with each other, so any success by one is almost immediately copied by the rest. The result is more bland vehicles that look and perform the same.

When you build your own kit car, YOU get to choose your own specification to suit your particular needs and desires, from engine performance to road holding and handling characteristics and this can lead to some pretty wild vehicles! After all, many of todays kit cars were designed as out and out track vehicles by some of the top sports vehicle designers of the day.

Personal Satisfaction

There’s no greater feeling than driving along the road in a stunning car that you put together yourself. To a degree, it’s similar to the reason the early car designers such as Ford, Benz, Daimler, Rolls and Royce toiled on the first ever car designs a century ago.

As A Hobby

Everyone needs a pastime and there are few as satisfying as building your own car. It helps to pass away those dark winter evenings and keeps you out of mischief! A common problem for many kit car enthusiasts is what to do when their kit is finally completed. I suppose they could always plan a road trip – in their newly constructed car of course.


A number of people have used kits to provide stylish working vehicles for their business. An obvious example is the breathtaking Beauford Tourer which is in constant demand as a wedding limo.

But there are a number of lesser known examples. The original Lotus Seven was featured in the classic TV series The Prisoner to provide an iconic yet affordable timeless look. A number of utility kit cars see active service working on farms or as hire cars for holiday villages.

To Go Racing

There is a very active racing scene surrounding kit cars, such as the 750 motor club, various sprints, hill climbs and time trials through to the more mainstream Run What Yer Brung drag race meetings.

Whatever your reason for building a kit car you are sure to find a kit that fits your needs as well as your budget.